Zakara Nemrah is one of the most mysterious characters to appear in the ongoing case. According to our information, he should have been the first to play Hlubuk’s party, so he puts up with luxury.

But to show him, definitely not. On the contrary, his social forces are inaccessible, closed. From Instagram, the hunter only learns that Nemraha is also being watched by well-known figures of the lobbying world, such as Ivo Rittig and Jan Koka.

draw from the register of contracts. But they are a surprising source of a wealth of information.

Zakara Nemrah figures and figured as the owner of twelve different companies. And these companies have signed up especially in the last yearwith the city and the main city eleven contractsfor eight million crowns.

Through these companies, Zakara Nemrah traded with the stt.

These are the most varied brushes, from renting, buying and selling land, reconstruction of buildings or camera systems, and to a small, still lucrative orders.

For example, the company Nische IG sro, in which Nemrah was a partner for a while, concluded a deal with Prague 6, when it supplied drk sets for high voltage for foreign partners. From the city pensions to 140 hundred a total of 84,700 crowns, one hundred to 605 crowns.

These were Reisten Maidenburg Pinot Blanc late harvest 2014, according to the wine cellars Zapletal supplied by Mukt Rumeni, harvest from berries 2015 and Plav, harvest from grapes 2015.

The deal took place in 2016, with the mayor of TOP 09, Ondej Kol.

Nemrah officially became a member of Nische IG in 2020. When the new trade took place, the owner of the company was certainly Daniel opov, who in the past TOP 09 supported with various financial donations in the total amount of 290 thousand crowns.

Nemrahv’s business partner again operates in a total of 35 private companies and 3 non-profit organizations, which since 2016 have concluded a total of 91 contracts with the state in a total of 28 million crowns. Thus, the companies in which they received received 5,123,047 crowns in subsidies.

Nemrah supplied Prague 6 through one of its companies.

Nemrah’s VKM Group in particular was very active, in which Nemrah was a partner at the turn of 2017 and 2018, but was not deleted after several months. She signed two contracts with the company Opertor ICT, a city company for which the master is responsible.

In recent years, Mayor Zdenk Hib has placed several orders to create an application, which has been followed by criticism, such as Portl Praana for 24 million, which many people have not really used.

VKM Group has signed a two-year agreement with the ICT Operator for the provision of electrical inspection services. In June 2021 it was for 241 thousand crowns, this year in May for 242 thousand crowns.

According to the VKM Group, it traded with Prague 9, which for 576 thousand crowns reconstructed the camera system in Vysoany and thus the service of the city police for more than a million crowns.

Zakara Nemrah

According to Hlda sttu, the current owner of the VKM Group is currently only an entrepreneur, Martin Matjka. He is thus a sponsor of the STAN movement, to which he sent twice 350 thousand crowns in 2014 through the company ENERGY Control Systems sro.

At the same time, it should be noted that while he and Nemrah’s partners supported STAN, he sent two thousand crowns to the YES movement in 2015 and 2016 through the Czech Dubai Expo 2020 Business Council.

As in the VKM Group, Matjka also worked with Zakara Nemrah at Enven Investment. And in the present case, he remained as the real owner, riding alongside a certain Ivan G. and Jaroslav K. Nemrah was an associate here, but since 2018 he has not been officially involved in Enven.

It is interesting for these companies that since April this year it has concluded two lucrative contracts with the state. One of them was specifically with the state-owned company esk pota, to which Enven Investment leased premises for 648 thousand crowns.

Petr Hlubuek in the hands of the police

The type of contract is mon jet spicy.

Before the company, the company Enven Investment met with the Central Bohemian Region, which is headed by President Petra Peckov (STAN). And the business did not involve anyone other than hostels for Ukrainian refugees. The contract cannot be ascertained.

When we are in the Central Bohemian region, another of the conspiracies of companies around Nemrah is the company Sesaneli sro T, but a lobbyist with an exotic name is still working from June 1 this year. On the same day, Jan Lichtneger was removed from the position of owner.

Is JanLichtneger’s name familiar? In the burrow of last year, femKrajsk became the first and gossip roads of the Stedoes region. He was recommended by a one-day council of the commission, and the then Deputy Governor Peckov (STAN), today Minister of Transport Jan Kupka (ODS), announced how to cooperate with each other.

In the company Sesaneli, Zakara Nemrah handed over a door with fem Krajsk sprvy and gossip of the roads of the Central Region.

Zakara Nemrah has made more than one deal with the town of Ostrov in the Karlovy Vary region, which is held by the mayor Jan Bure (ODS). Last year, he bought lucrative land from U nemocnice Street from the city for a total of over 180,000 square meters for more than three million crowns. One meter of municipal land cost Nemrah’s company tens of crowns.

In Romitl pod Radhotm, his company Quattro project s.r.o. However, the city did not sell it to Nemrah, but the Ministry of Defense, which owned the shooting range.

The company Quattro project, which belongs to Zakar Nemrah, got involved with the Ministry of Defense.

As it seems, the squid around Hlubuk, Redla and the first Nemraha had their tentacles very high. Respectively, I also traded with the stto. Whether these shops were or were not in stock, especially the police.

The policeman monitored the organized group around Hlubuk, Redl and Nemrah for two years. A total of tinct people want to stand in the case. For now, Nemrah’s role in group groups is shrouded in mystery. There is information in Prague that he should be connected with the family of lobbyist Ivo Rittig, who was guilty of guilt in the ticket case.

According to another source, in 2015 and 2016, Nemrah often visited the then mayor of Prague 5, Radek Klma (TOP 09) and circulated it. He resigned a year later due to the loss of the home party’s court.