The singer has recently spent quite a lot of time in two countries – in the United Arab Emirates and in Israel.

Despite the fact that the celebrity gave birth to her second child less than six months ago, she decided not to sit on maternity leave for a long time and again plunged into work. At the same time, now Nyusha, apparently, intends to learn a new profession for herself.

As it turned out, the star travels to Israel for a reason, but primarily for classes with an acting teacher. Nyusha decided to hire a personal mentor from Tel Aviv, who should help the celebrity achieve heights in a new profession.

According to the singer, it is important to learn some new skills throughout life, so she decided that now is the time to devote herself to acting.

“I believe that we should always learn something. So, I came to Tel Aviv to meet with an acting teacher. He will give me master classes and rehearse with me, ”said the artist.