After a real adventurer drive to Kenya on the sign indicating the sale of the Mugie reservation. We are going on our first African safari, even with a ranger in the car. Peter sits in a padded safe between the front seats. At first it’s next to it, but when I see that the Nissan Patrol doesn’t have a seat in the back and it’s full almost on the roof, laughing with honor.

The area is still quite dry, it has not passed for a long time. The landscape has dried up near Ethiopia. It looks like no life here. But this is just a wall, the so-called game drive, as you go to the park after the invitations, it is spn and we will see wildebeest, buffalo, pmoroce, gazelles, ptros, zebras, irafy, stdo buffalo cape, the biggest cow antelope, warthog pigs, many a species of bird, and among the dark even a hundred elephant, Grvy’s zebra with a billion and today it is very endangered rhinoceros, both: tuponosho called bl (white) and dvohohho ernho (black). Mt brings the ranger who knows the park.

Nkupn lenstv

Let’s leave the reservation and head back to Lake Baringo. Like we’re in a rut. It grows green, the air is more pleasant and the tables on the markets are lurking under fruits and vegetables.

We are a bit like a wipe out of etzu, not only at the shops around the road, where we buy vitamins loaded with pineapples, papayas, bananas, avocados, citrus, but so in stores where it’s out of solitude with a mask or tasty salmon. And that place! Chips also fall into the coke, and that’s not the norm. Limited selection in the northern countries, choose your tax. And what about me in Kenya too lb? Buy it with the donkey straight to the car.

The lane road will take you around Kerio Valley Park, across Eldoret and Kisumu and down to the Tanzanian border. We embark on a journey called Trans Maara to the Maasai Mara National Park. Pepad ns podn d 隝. The road is crowded and the sludge itself. The sun is setting and nowhere is the camp where we would lay our heads. Let’s not dare to play here. We’re stopping on a mission, please don’t let us spend the night.

Let’s leave the reservation and head back to Lake Baringo. Like we’re in a rut.

We embark on a journey called Trans Maara to the Maasai Mara National Park. Pepad ns podn d 隝. The road is crowded and the sludge itself.

And they left, right in the gardens. Under the sail, he tried to prepare a large ball of camel meat, while Ren forgot a glass of writing with Father Selemp, the head of the mission. We spend the night in a normal tent, the one on the car is summer, arrest to it. Instead of ppn on the phone board ibisov. As soon as I remember sleeping under a large tree at the police station, many of them pulled out of the tent what they had gathered around to give them a booth.

Selempo nm offer to stay ahead and get to know the surroundings of Lolgorien. For no, we have enough.

yes, put dm

Lolgorien le Maasai Mara, the famous national park. It is without a fence, so it is no wonder that we wander along the paths between irafas, zebras and antelopes.

A little above

Just above the river Mara in the wall of a tree, several boys wrapped in red checkered robes. They are Masai from the Engang esoit bombs. What is boma? Homestead by a large boulder. It is surrounded by a dense fence of thorny branches, which protect it from wild animals. They are arranged in a circle, both mature and older children. In the middle is a place where cattle go for the night.

The number of entrances means the number of families in the village and the number of houses in the circle again the number of married women. Maats are a round, the structure is made of tusks, a mixture of mud and cow dung is applied to it, somewhere also slip as insulation. The roof is made of strong slime. Maats are built with their mothers before the wedding for themselves and their mue. He doesn’t own a dm, running from wife to wife.


The children have their homes in the back of the village, where a so-called courthouse is located in the middle for a meeting and court, where entry is not allowed. A short walk is a dry run.

m more cows, dark more manes

We wonder how it is with the Masai. The women are colorfully dressed and very richly decorated. The massive necklace on the neck not only has the function of a shortener, but it is such a citizen that determines how many women are, how family comes from, whether it is married and how many children. I have a lot, but only with one manel.

He only gets married once in his life and is ready for the wedding, a ritual that leaves childhood and enters the harsh world of adults. He has to undergo a walk every two times, without him he wouldn’t want her. The Mui drained it so that if a woman was obese, she would not want another one of pleasures. Special explanation …


Masaj, on the other hand, has as much as he wants, as long as cattle stand up to buy him. she protects the work, including the children, and not the first. For many African tribes has no value, cattle are more valuable.

Bu as lkrna

The surrounding trees and trees are not only used as a material for building fences, but can also be widely used in medicine. Osokonoi or warburgia or Ugandan green heart will help against males, so use only malaria.

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Wild olive is not only a sacred tree, but also acts as a disinfectant, toothbrush and leaves are made during various rituals and celebrations.

Today, Jajnek Masaj is made up of the same goodies as two, and the hunter can enjoy blood, fresh milk, honey and meat with them. Even though the people in this village have only a meter to the river Mara, where we caught a few catfish and other fish among the hippos, they do not fish. A fish is a slimy snake that eats in water, and so does it. Well, at least there will be something left for us.

Maasai homestead by a large boulder. It is surrounded by a dense fence of thorny branches, which protect it from wild animals.

We are back on a mission where the line is roasted meat and roasted vegetables. Veeme ugali with thick kai corn, onion-smoked vegetables called chisaga, a kind of meat cauldron, and nyama choma on fire peen meat from sheep, which Masajov killed on our post. Within fifty minutes, the sheep got out of the kennel and blew the cooks from Tanzania. The feast ends with an excellent tomato-onion salt kachumbari and a glass of chilled Czech Tusker beer.

Overnight among the wildebeest

Let’s help Mete and Selemp with the devil in the woods and leave. Lk ns to look full over the fur to the Maasai Mara. Eventually we park somewhere and spend the night. There are many gnawed skulls around who are invited, so we spend the night in the front seats in cars.


Suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of stda pako. Lie around us, lie down, or even graze and grumble. And they managed to put the beetle to sleep.


From the uncomfortable sleep, we wake up in the morning rays and get a beautiful view. An elephant sways around us, walks among the zebras, hawks and antelopes through the creeping step of the hyena.

That’s how I first imagined in Africa. We love the thermos and fairy-tale insights. Safari for free, it just doesn’t work in Kenya!