December 18, 2022, 09:45 – Public News Service – OSN

Manufacturers advertise mineral water, focusing on its usefulness. dietitian Natalya Kruglova told what this benefit is and to whom mineral water is contraindicated.

According to the degree of mineralization, water is divided into dining, medical – dining and medicinal. You can drink any table mineral water at least every day, as it contains a minimum amount of bioactive components. The nutritionist said that a mineral water with that name is simply useful, but you should not count on any therapeutic effect.

It is recommended to drink medicinal and medicinal table water for 2-3 weeks. It can help in the prevention of various diseases, but this issue must be resolved with a doctor. You can buy this, as a rule, only in a pharmacy.

Why is mineral water useful? Only the presence of those same minerals. For example, magnesium, it is needed for the normal functioning of our nerves. If it is absent, the person becomes irritable, he often gets tired. Kruglova noted that, if you noticed that someone in your environment began to fool around, offer him to drink mineral water. Perhaps this will help.

At the same time, medicinal mineral water is quite salty water. You can’t drink it without a doctor’s prescription. It can harm people with kidney and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, with exacerbation of gastritis and cholelithiasis, mineral water is generally contraindicated, the nutritionist emphasized.

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