January 7, 2023, 20:43 – Public News Service – OSN

Dietitian Angelica Duval shared her opinion about the raw food diet. FAN reports.

A raw food diet is a dietary practice in which food is not cooked. The source clarifies that the raw food diet began to be explored more than ten years ago, and during this time this direction is gaining more and more popularity.

Specialist Duval said that for the inhabitants of the middle lane, compiling a full-fledged raw food diet can be difficult due to the lack of representation of a number of products in abundance. She clarified that with such a set of products, not all substances necessary for the body are replenished.

Speaking about tropical countries, the nutritionist noted that raw food practices are much more beneficial. She noted that in these countries there is a wide choice of products containing sufficient amounts of fats, omega-3s and other essential substances.

Angelica Duval attributed the positive effects of a raw food diet to lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, unloading the gastrointestinal tract and general cleansing of the body.

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