December 16, 2022, 06:10 – Public News Service – OSN

Most are accustomed to consuming omega-3 substance from various types of fish. However, in reality, flaxseed turned out to be the richest food for these fatty acids. The relevant statement was made nutritionist, Head of the Entueat Intuitive Eating Center Svetlana Bronnikova. Her words were heard in an interview with the agency “Prime”

Bronnikova noted that flaxseed can be used during the preparation of porridge. She recommended that the crushed seeds be soaked in water and left overnight.

The nutritionist also emphasized that in order to maintain health It is important to keep variety in your diet. However, it is not necessary that the products were expensive.

In addition, she advised not to rely on dietary supplements and vitamins. According to the expert, it is much more important to follow a balanced menu.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that nutritionist Daria Rusakova named the optimal amount dumplings in the daily dose. According to the expert, it is recommended to eat up to 15 dumplings a day twice a week.