A long-term problem in the region is the same as in the rest of the country, for example the lack of female health workers. There is also the Olomouc University Hospital, which lacks nurses and nurses.

One of the reasons for the lack of professional medical personnel on the labor market is the low number of graduates from educational institutions with a medical degree, noted speaker Adam Fritscher.

In the case of medical professions, the hospital will benefit from a graduate program that connects it with the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Olomouc.

Ron can take in tens and thousands of young people. Sloitj is, of course, a recruitment for the positions of a specialist in certain fields, summarized Fritscher.

Medical personnel are also found in the hospital in Perov, there are also private clinics there, and the same is true in Prostjov and other towns. According to Dan, they are dentists or pharmacists, especially in the peripheral areas of the region, such as Jesenice.

About the job with the police, I’ll take them, then there are tests

There is a shortage of social workers in retirement homes, Alzheimer’s centers, but also in other workplaces. Error in tact, the delivery person and the courier at the Czech post and new people will not lose sight of the Police R.

The cop makes mistakes, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Leave for civilian life or go to another region and shape, so we have to find around 160 to 200 new people every year, said Jitka Dolejov, spokeswoman for the regional police department.

In addition, the police often use the status quo in response to new forms of crime, for example in cyberspace, and thus in connection with the current situation in Europe involving, among other things, migration or extremism.

In 2010, when the regional editorial office was established, there were 1,752 police officers in the region, now there are 1,896. It is not the case that the police cannot fulfill their duties, they are just adding to the ranks, assured Dolejov.

According to him, the places cannot be completely filled due to the high difficulty of taking the test.

I have a lot of applicants, but few of them are sleepy, she explained.

In addition to police officers, there is also a demand for prison staff, specifically the Olomouc prison and the Mrov prison.

Carriers are always looking for ideas

The team never stops looking for new employees for the transport company. For example, Arriva would currently need roughly a board of idi.

At the moment, we need a few people to start operations, but that can change from day to day due to your illness, stated speaker Jan Holub.

The lack of voices from Vojtila Trans and editor Marek Hal confirms that this is a long-term trend.

During covid, downhill traffic was limited, so there was a lot of traffic at that time, but now the situation is bad again, he shared.

The company FTL will find employees for long-distance buses between Olomouc and Brno, as well as RegioJet and the Transport Company of the City of Olomouc, which must also transport trams.

At the moment, we do not have an acute shortage of people, so we do not have to approach traffic restrictions, but long-term employees are starting to retire, so we have to replenish the stocks regularly, said company spokeswoman Anna Skorov.

All people should raise bikes, know from the field

Carriers are involved in trying to lure employees to recruitment and stability in uncertain times. Another argument is that the cost of obtaining a driver’s license for group D, which repairs a car with no more than eight seats, i.e. a bus, is covered.

In the case of mistakes, an education or field of study that would nurture professional ideas and prepare them for the future is allowed. We are therefore trying to support and nurture new ideas with our own efforts, said Arrivy Holub.

The situation is very similar in the region, as are the Czech railways, which are constantly looking for a new train driver and conductor.

According to the spokesperson of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Dir, the lack of female workers was the main reason for the changes in professions before the coronavirus pandemic. In the long term, the road transport sector suffers from the fact that it develops faster, not because of new ideas.

The absence of training systems for young female professionals in this field often forces transport companies to recruit employees from abroad, Diro pointed out.