Subscribers of DPR and LPR operators will receive numbers with the code of the Russian numbering system +7. Writes about it R.T.

  • Today, subscribers of the republican telecom operator Phoenix with the numbering code +38071 will receive an additional number in the code of the Russian numbering system, ”the source quoted Denis Pushilin, head of the DPR, as saying.

He added that replacement of SIM cards is not yet required, billing and cost of calls will not change. Subscribers will be notified about the assignment of a new number via SMS. The new number will match the previous seven digits. For example, (+38071) 123-45-67 will change to (+7949) 123-45-67.

The innovation was also confirmed by the Ministry of Communications of the Lugansk People’s Republic – subscribers will receive numbers in the code of the Russian numbering system +7959.

  • The number when using the numbering with the code +7959 will correspond to the previously issued number of the Lugacom operator, taking into account the change in the code, ”the source quotes representatives of the ministry as saying.

Source IA “Don 24″