January 6, 2023, 17:57 – Public News Service – OSN

At the end of 2022 in Germany the number of reports of dismissal from service under a contract in the Bundeswehr increased almost fivefold. This is reported by the German news agency Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

It is specified that we are talking about 951 resignation reports, while in 2021 the number of reports was 201 submitted applications.

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The publication suggests that the increase in the number of conscientious objectors may be associated with the unfolding on Ukraine conflict, and in particular with its possible escalation. Thus, it is known that many military men, when submitting a report, stated that when they entered military service they did not expect the possibility of starting a real armed conflict.

Earlier it became known that Germany reported a shortage of ammunition and equipment in the Bundeswehr. Bundestag Commissioner Eva Hegl said that there is an acute shortage of material support for the German army. According to her, there are not enough cartridges, helmets, walkie-talkies and even tanks. Details read in material Public news service.