The incident took place on Saturday at six o’clock in the morning at the fast food in Plzesk Street, where two mui took place. One of them got angry that the other was covered.

Zrann then had help from passers-by call for help. In the first moments, he had no idea how injured he was, and his tonk stabbed him. He escaped from the city in the meantime.

The wounded police officers provided first aid to the wounded, who was able to describe his tonka. The rescuers were then taken to the hospital with an injured stomach, said police spokesman Jan Rybansk.

Thanks to a detailed description of the police, the police arrived a few hours later at the Mstek metro station. They found out that they would find out if they could be hastily described in. Even though he said he said he was the same as he, Rybansk added.

The case of the police officers is conducted as a punishment for health, for which the aggressor is threatened and ten years after the mines.