Each station was equipped with such sanitizers. Sometimes it seemed that there were even too many of them: rows of yellow and black devices, which not that many people use.

It is precisely because the popularity of sanitizers has declined sharply that they have now been decided to be removed. The Department of Transport explains that after the abolition of masks in the subway, passengers practically stopped using the devices – their demand has decreased tenfold.

“There are fewer and fewer patients with coronavirus in Moscow, the epidemiological situation is stable. Therefore, we decided to gradually remove sanitizers from metro, MCC and MCD stations. We started with the least demanded, ”the department writes in the official telegram channel.

At the same time, both metro cars and infrastructure continue to be disinfected, as before, in an enhanced mode. Surfaces at stations are treated every two hours, cars – up to two times a day.

Interestingly, Alexander Polyakov, director of the State Budgetary Institution Mostransproekt, once promised that sanitizers in the subway are forever, while wearing masks and gloves is a temporary measure. The question now is where to put this huge amount of sanitizers that have been abandoned.

Photo: shutterstock.com