et representatives Veronika Novotn and Jan Kuf at the world championship in modern wrestling
| photo: Filip Komorous

The Koreans Kim Son-u and Un-te clearly controlled the change of tapes, who ran into the disciplinarians with a jump of no more than 40 seconds. A British pair finished a bit behind them, the latter were five boys from Turkey.

and they lost exactly one minute on the way. un Un-Te was equal to linen gold musk taffeta in Alexandria.

Karolna Kenkov took care of the best individual Czech result at the WC, while Martin Vlach, the representative of the trio in the men’s final, took the top spot.

WC in modern wrestling in Alexandria (Egypt)

Taffeta shift

1. Kim Son-u, un Un-te (Korea) 1393, 2. Varleyov, Choong (Brit.) 1380, 3. Ilkeov, Bugra (Tur.) 1376, …9. Novotn, Kuf (R) 1333.