Novomichurinsk student won the All-Russian judo competition in memory of the heroes of the Battle of Kursk

On May 12, Novomichurinsk diversified technical school learned about the victory of their second-year student Sofia Svyatskaya in the prestigious All-Russian judo competitions in memory of the heroes of the Battle of Kursk. They were held in Kursk on 11 May.

Principal of the technical school Oleg Aleksandrovich Nemykh:

“For us, this news is an excellent confirmation that Sophia is a diversified personality. She is a future cook, an excellent student, a very kind and sociable person, and a talented athlete. Congratulations to her!

Sophia herself is still impressed by her next victory. Tells:

“This time in the final I managed to defeat Milana Kabulova from Kabardino-Balkaria. Earlier, at the championships of Russia, I lost twice to this judoka. Yes, and this time a little afraid of her. Thanks to my coach Nikolai Vasilyevich Korzhavin, he inspires me with self-confidence. This time my elder brother, Peter, was the second, he also participated in the Kursk competitions. I just had no right to lose!”

Each of the winners in these competitions receives a ticket to the Russian Judo Championship among adult athletes. It will be held in October in Yekaterinburg.

“It’s wonderful,” Sophia says. – But I also know that now all the best Russian judokas have arrived in St. Petersburg for the first professional judo tournament “Petersburg Challenge”. They will fight at the nominal invitation of the judo federation. This is the kind of invitation I want to receive.”

Dreams Come True! On a common birthday for girls, Polina, Sofia’s twin sister, a basketball player, a student of school No. 3 of the Moscow Olympic Reserve, signed a 3-year contract with the Sparta & K team from the city of Vidnoye near Moscow. This is one of the most titled professional women’s basketball clubs in Russia and the Old World, a 4-time Euroleague champion.