Astropsychoanalyst Solomon Solovyov tells about passionate aestheticism, self-esteem, pragmatism and asceticism of those born on November 21 under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio.

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Isaac Bashevis-Singer

“The basis of ethics is the right of a person to play the game that he has chosen for himself. I will not spoil your toys, and you mine. I do not offend someone else’s god, and don’t touch mine,” he outlined such a formula for non-interference in someone else’s life November 21 Nobel Prize in Literature winner, American Jewish writer Isaac Bashevis-Singer.

Let’s talk about the passionate, but at times extremely peculiar aestheticism of those born on November 21 in more detail.

Scorpios born on November 21 have a well-developed sense of beauty, which manifests itself in everything:

  • in posture
  • gestures,
  • manners
  • elegant and perfected ideas
  • and the fruits of their labour.

Those born on November 21 are keenly interested in everything new that arises in society, without devoting too much time to old-fashioned trends.

At the same time, they are able to instantly appreciate the beauty of forgotten concepts that can be revived and give them a modern sound. Thus, those born on November 21, with undeniable benefits for society, reconstruct centuries-old traditions.

It was this modern literary sound that the writer Isaac Bashevis-Singer gave to the Yiddish language. “For the emotional art of storytelling, which, while rooted in Polish-Jewish cultural traditions, at the same time raises eternal questions” – this is the wording of the Nobel Prize in Literature, which received, perhaps, one of the last outstanding writers in the history of mankind, who wrote books in Yiddish.

Lewis Henry Morgan

An American ethnographer, sociologist and historian, born on November 21, dealt with questions of the history of childbirth and the origin of mankind all his life. Lewis Henry Morgan. It was this ancestral call of Scorpio that made a major contribution to the theory of social evolution, the science of kinship and family. Morgan became the creator of the scientific theory of primitive society and one of the founders of evolutionism in the social sciences.

The observation of a remarkable scientist is also wonderful:

“If it were possible to reduce the whole sum of human ideas to their original originals, we would be amazed at the insignificance of their number.”

Scorpios born on November 21 are often convinced that they must prove to their enemies and the whole world that their views are right – even if this proof takes a lifetime. In their youth, people whose birthday is November 21 often make serious mistakes. In the first 28 years of their earthly existence, they can be distinguished by self-destructive rebelliousness, dissoluteness and lack of a specific goal. And yet, at the same time, they undoubtedly have a sense of dignity that allows them to learn from the mistakes made.

Unfortunately, there is a danger that those born on November 21 under a hail of blows of fate can become mentally callous people.

Then the heroes of today gradually develop pragmatism in themselves, being interested only in such ideas that can bring at least some significant practical benefit.

Henrietta Green

American born November 21 Henrietta Green at the end of the 19th century in America they called it the Witch of Wall Street. In 1916, she was considered the richest woman in the world, and was also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most stingy person in the world.

She was a successful businesswoman, active in real estate, railroad investments, and lending. The city government of New York turned to her for loans in bad times. At the same time, Henrietta herself never turned on the heating and did not use hot water. She wore a single old black dress and changed her underwear only when it was completely worn out. She did not wash her hands and rode in an old carriage. I ate at the cheapest restaurants, preferring mostly pies for 15 cents. Henrietta Green had her washerwoman wash only the dirtiest parts of her dress to save money on soap. She went to the local grocery to buy broken biscuits, which were cheaper, and to get a free bone for her beloved dog, Devi. The fortune left after the death of Henrietta was estimated at 200 million dollars (according to the current revaluation of 4.3 billion dollars).

Mikhail Suslov

Not as painful as Henrietta Green, but also pronounced asceticism, was distinguished by the “gray eminence” of the Soviet Politburo of the “Brezhnev” era, born on November 21 Mikhail Suslov. Despite his enormous influence in the state, Suslov was extremely modest in everyday life and led a lifestyle close to ascetic. Suslov was always extremely polite, behaved affably and kindly both with subordinates and with ideological opponents.

Under Brezhnev, Suslov’s role in the party rose to incredible heights. He was in charge of ideology, culture, censorship, education. Suslov was the main initiator of the persecution of the intelligentsia that followed the Khrushchev “thaw”, and had a reputation as a “dogmatist” and “conservative”. Associated with his name

  • persecution of dissidents
  • expulsion of Alexander Solzhenitsyn from the USSR
  • and Andrei Sakharov’s link.

In 1979, together with another Scorpio, USSR Minister of Defense Dmitry Ustinov, Scorpio Mikhail Suslov finally influenced the decision of Leonid Brezhnev to send Soviet troops to Afghanistan.

Constantly playing dangerous games with fate, those born on November 21 can lose their creative and even human beginning.

In the pursuit of perfection, they become inaccessible to random joys, and this sometimes threatens with a serious nervous breakdown.

Involved in all world processes, people whose birthday is November 21 may neglect a deep knowledge of their own personality. It is very important that by the middle of life they finally realize their place in the world. To do this, they need to “become transparent”, that is, free themselves from fears and inertness.




The French philosopher born on November 21 never managed to get rid of fears and inertia of thinking throughout his life. Voltaire. Voltaire, unfortunately, did not find any harmony in his soul, nor the ordering of thoughts in his head. Exposing religions of all directions and atheists with the same passion, Voltaire was never able to know God, and therefore himself.

Voltaire’s contemporaries told about one episode. When Voltaire was asked if there is a God, he asked first to close the door tightly and then said:

“There is no God, but my footman and wife should not know this, since I do not want my footman to stab me, and my wife to go out of obedience.” In a similar semantic load, there is another famous saying of Voltaire: “If God did not exist, he would have to be invented. Otherwise, how could the rich protect their wealth from the poor?”

Goldie Hawn

A bright representative of the sign of Scorpio, who coped with his throwing and passions, can be an American actress born on November 21 Goldie Hawn. After 28 years, the actress began to show interest in Eastern philosophy. Since then she has been an adherent of Buddhism and claims that she raised her children in the traditions of Eastern spirituality. In 2002, Goldie Hawn founded the charitable educational Hawn Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is the effective comprehensive development of children and assistance to parents in their upbringing.

With a quote from an interview with Goldie Hawn, we will finish today, November 21:

“According to the philosophy of Buddhism, a lotus flower that sprouts from dirt, for example, from a pile of garbage on the side of the road, symbolizes the highest spiritual knowledge. This means that despite life’s obstacles and mistakes of the past, and sometimes thanks to them, each of us is able to find happiness “.

The most suitable partner for those born on November 21st

For love and marriage, people born on such days are best suited:

  • January: 2, 8, 11, 12, 18, 22
  • February: 6, 7, 18, 21, 23, 27
  • March: 6, 8, 19, 30
  • April: 8, 28, 30
  • May: 2, 10, 23
  • June: 10, 13, 17
  • July: 13, 21, 24, 26, 29
  • August: 11, 17, 18, 31
  • September: 7, 9, 18, 25, 28
  • October: 3, 11, 13, 18, 23, 28
  • November: 1, 3, 9, 18, 21, 22
  • December: 14, 22, 27, 31

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