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November 14, 2023 – Kuzminki: What you can and cannot do

On November 14, Orthodox churches honor the memory of two brothers, the unmercenary saints Cosmas and Damian. In the folk calendar – Kuzminki. The old style date is November 1. Public news service I learned what can and cannot be done on November 14, 2023 at Kuzminki.

In Rus’, the day was nicknamed Kuzminki because today they once again said goodbye to autumn and welcomed winter. “Kuzminki is the wake of autumn,” they said in the old days. Saints Kuzma (Cosma) and Demyan (Damian) were greatly revered. They were called the guardians of the family hearth and patrons of all artisans and crafts, mainly blacksmithing and women’s handicrafts.

Among other things, the date was connected with other beliefs and prohibitions that our ancestors tried to observe.

What not to do on Kuzminki

  • Today, in the old days, they tried not to solve problems related to relationships. First of all, according to legend, this threatened a major quarrel between close people. Therefore, it is better not to argue on Kuzminki and not to prove to someone that you are right. It is also better to refrain from dating, declarations of love or weddings. Otherwise they will end in ruin and heartbreak.
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  • On November 14 (November 1, old style) it is forbidden to throw away chicken bones or hearts after dinner. Our ancestors said that if you disobey, you can get very seriously ill. The same goes for eggshells. In the old days they said that the best solution was to bury chicken bones or eggshells in the ground, next to your home.
  • Unfavorable day for large purchases. Today it is better not to solve financial issues. Take a break and do things at another time.
  • In Rus’ it was believed that the poor should not be looked into the eyes on this day, otherwise they might cast the evil eye. Therefore, when giving alms, they usually looked at the floor or to the side.
  • Towards evening the windows and doors were closed. They said that otherwise young girls could lose their beauty, and the moonlight was to blame for this.

What can you do on Kuzminki

  • November 14 is the day when you especially listen to your intuition. You may also have a prophetic dream.
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  • On Kuzminki they always helped poor people. You can also feed a homeless animal or take things to a shelter.
  • Housewives today should prepare dishes from chicken or eggs – this way everyone at home will have good health.
  • On Kuzminki, small children and old people were given chicken hearts to eat. They said that this way one could be cured of diseases.


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