Plava Plavva has re-launched the historic Munot ship on the surface of the Novomlnsk ndre mountain, which was followed by an accident last year. (May 11, 2022)
| photo: Vclav lek,

It dates from 1936 and, for most of its existence, drove people on Lake Constance to the border of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is 34 meters long and originally accommodated and 250 pasar. At present, its capacity is 150 people. On Nov Mlny first set sail in June 2020.

The people were huge last year and last year, said the owner of the operating company Lucie Erbanov.

Munot departs from the Merkur camp in Pasohlvky, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic, and in the summer season there are thousands of people. The boat can also be rented in groups, and a band will kill me.

The ship sailed to the end of the ship. At that time, a rope was wound on the ship’s hull and a propeller tore off below the surface, which the people did not even find. Erbanov and his colleagues believe that the fish, which was a thorn in the side, is to blame. There were a number of posts on the social sites, in which the fish lived and how to damage it. The police set the bag aside.

In the end, we stopped. And as with that, we were pouring new birds in need. We would put it together without the most clever women and Jan Prak, and so David Karee, who will help us in his free time, Erbanov said.

The new propeller was manufactured by a company from Italy, and the shaft and all technical vessels of the vessel are also repaired. Erbanov is looking forward to the new season, as of June 1, passengers have been able to drive in regular traffic.

In order not to repeat a similar situation, the company will introduce some security measures. The Munot fairway will be inspected by pots and the propeller will be able to cut the ropes on the propeller. There will be so many cameras on the ship.

Lo Munot was first launched at Novomlnsk√° gdr in June 2020: