She has not worked at Nov for almost a few years, pesto’s Karla Mrkov (48) follows her unforgettable TV. He used to be a farmer and later, at first, therefore, he could not miss the magnificent corporate fronts. She was also the center of attention for the stranger, who accompanied her to the car, and it was clear that they both saw each other.

She spent twenty-three years in Nov, eighteen of them as a tree frog, and has also moderated news for the last three years. At present, Karla Mrkov is the press spokesperson of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, but her former colleagues did not forget about it during the draft guest list.

At the age of eighty, coca is still unbelievable. And so it is no wonder that I do not need attention and he sees it even those who just keep business and friendly relations.

Karla Mrkov with his entourage.

Karla Mrkov with his entourage.

Express photographers captured her departure from Fra Karln. He was definitely not inconspicuous, the pretty blonde had an escort with her, especially someone close to her heart, because they said goodbye as flying friends.

Karla Mrkov traditionally looked very elegant.

Karla Mr

Karla Mrkov on the Novek verk

Mrkov has been married to Josef’s husband for twenty years. She met her even at the age of fifteen, and at the age of eighteen she gave birth to a son, Nikola.

Karla has been with her husband for thirty years and they are still in love.