Diarrhea can be triggered not only by foods and drinks of unknown origin, but also stress from traveling and changes in the environment, higher consumption of alcohol, ice cream and fruit, summer barbecues, sharp exotic spices, etc.

Beware of bacteria

  • Salmonellosis is the most common summer infection causing diarrhea. Salmonella bacteria are mainly found in raw eggs and egg products (in mayonnaise, ice cream…) or in poultry.
  • The bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces a toxin called “sausage poison” that causes severe poisoning. It occurs especially in poorly preserved foods.
  • However, there may be more disease-causing bacteria in the food. Many will be destroyed by boiling, but general prudence is necessary.

However, the most common cause is infection. Bacteria or parasites enter the body mainly through contaminated water and food (infected or poorly stored).

Drinking and dieting

The most important thing is to ensure sufficient fluid intake with diarrhea – dehydration is the biggest threat that this health problem brings.

It is recommended to drink unsweetened weak black or herbal tea, or pure water or mineral water.

Avoid fizzy and cola drinks and sodas with higher sugar content. Diet is essential – eat only light, non-fat and unspicy foods, in small portions. Rice porridge, low-fat poultry broth, banana, stewed carrots, crackers, etc. will benefit.

Definitely don’t eat anything fried, leavened, fatty. Suitable preparations from the pharmacy can also help, where they will give you expert advice on what to choose and how to use it.

The Six O’s Rule

TRADE – shop only in clean, brick-and-mortar and solid-looking stores, forgive yourself “street food” and dubious sellers.

ORIGINAL – make sure that the packages are intact, they are not fakes, spilled substitutes, etc.

OPEN – everything you open yourself (bottle, can) is to a large extent a guarantee of safety.

PEEL – always peel the fruit or eggs yourself.

WASH – rinse everything well with guaranteed clean water, also wash your hands often.

BOIL – sufficient heat treatment will significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infection, do not eat raw (or undercooked) meat, fish, eggs.

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