“Not everyone will agree to live in a room decorated with monsters” Pugacheva’s house is not bought without a discount. What is it like inside?

Rumors that the singer Alla Pugacheva and comedian Maksim Galkin (entered into the register of individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent) want to sell their famous castle in the village of Gryaz near Moscow, they have been going since last year. To date, a buyer for the property has not been found, but recently a businessman and acquaintance of Pugacheva Andrey Kovalev statedthat he is ready to purchase the property with one condition: if the current owners make a big discount.

Kovalev noted that the house, which the famous couple is trying to sell for a billion rubles, is now not worth that kind of money. According to him, in 2023 such a mansion can be built for 345 million rubles by purchasing land at a price of 50 million rubles per hectare. With this assessment, the property is worth about 400 million rubles. The businessman emphasized that it would be extremely difficult to sell the object at a higher price due to its specific design.

At the entrance to the castle, visitors are greeted by frightening gargoyles

Not everyone will agree to live in a room decorated with monsters. Therefore, I think it would be reasonable if Pugacheva sells me the house at a reasonable price

Andrey Kovalev

The castle of Galkin and Pugacheva is a six-story mansion with additional buildings, the total area of ​​which amounts to more than 2.46 square meters. From the central entrance you can enter the fireplace room and dining room. There is a winter garden on the second floor, and a library on the fourth. The house is accompanied by a tower, on the sixth floor of which there is Galkin’s bedroom, and above that there is an observatory. Pugacheva is given a separate porch, and the couple’s children are given a room and a playroom. The castle also has a basement with a home cinema, an elevator and guest rooms.

A separate building outside is equipped as a sports complex, and an underground garage is attached to it. The staff lives in a separate utility block. The buildings were built on two hectares of land, consisting of 16 separate plots – Galkin bought up neighboring territories to expand his holdings. Besides the castle, There is a garden with sculptures by famous contemporary artists and an amphitheater.


individual plots of land

Galkin bought the territory of the castle

Interior and exterior features include French towers, forged decorative elements, monograms, pilasters, twisted staircases, boiserie on the walls, multi-tiered crystal chandeliers, antique and custom-made furniture. There are many expensive details, including a carved fireplace, gilded bathtub and table legs, oak bookcases, Italian marble, rosewood parquet flooring and Italian furniture.

Most eye-catching are the four black gargoyles that greet visitors on the main porch: two on each side of the stairs and two more above the door. Later, similar statues appeared under the roof of the house. Blacksmith Denis Aksenovwho worked on sculptures, toldthat the latter have a practical purpose: they were added during cosmetic renovations to hide the metal fasteners needed to support the castle, which had begun to fall apart. Another unusual element: a knight in antique armor from the 19th century standing in the main hall. The armor is a copy of the king’s armor France Henry the Second.

Realtors believe that only Pugacheva’s fans can buy the castle

Previously, real estate experts have repeatedly noted the unusual appearance of the castle, which will make it difficult to sell the property.

Overpriced. Yes, there is a very expensive decoration inside, but the place itself is extremely specific, and the facade is also very unique

Ekaterina Rumyantseva

Owner of the Lazovsky House construction company Maxim Lazovsky named billion rubles is an adequate price for such real estate. He believes that the castle may be of interest to Pugacheva’s fans. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEST-Novostroy shares the same opinion. Irina Dobrokhotova. At the same time, one notes that it is difficult to sell such objects even at half the cost unless there is a buyer very interested in this particular lot.

Producer Yana Rudkovskayaagainst, believes The price set by Galkin and Pugacheva was too low. She noted that, taking into account the expensive furnishings of the house, much more than a billion rubles were invested in it. Rudkovskaya added that she had personally visited the castle and considered it an outstanding building.

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