After a day, the puddles on the concrete surface gradually receded, and after the prepared ramps, the freestyle riders were replaced by water. In the end, however, the weather calmed down and the viewing could take place in what was filled.

The Podmol Brothers team was a big hit. We did all the freestyle motocross tricks we could, he smiled Libor Podmol, former world champion and Dakar resident. It’s difficult in the wet, it stings, but we were here to fly and we were prepared to take some risks.

On bikes, the spectators saw you Christian Arehart from the United States. He is in Esk for the first time, it was worth the effort to get him here, explained the applicant Marek Hoava. Rakuan Tobi Merz was also here, one of the young riders who mastered both the bike and the motorcycle.

Arehart ride the big world of lures and pedvd tricks on MTB. Doke triple somersault, which is extreme on a big bike, pointed out Hoava. And we don’t want anything to happen to Merz, he added with a laugh.

The world of pika is an international community and several Czech riders, for example Teodor Kov or Dan Miler, belong to it. He was able to push the boundaries of monho in Krom, when two days before the start of the race, he was the first rider in the Esk to run over two trucks standing next to each other. And he did a forward somersault over them.

I had a lot of respect for it, the adrenaline was huge, he declared after the jump. It was slow to look at the truck standing in salt water. During the main event, fans could see him not only jump, but also push and make rebounds.

Do you know who slipped here? joked the speaker, pointing at the girls.

It was raining during the afternoon, so the organizer and the riders themselves started preparations. The area between the ramps, which spanned a distance of 12 and 20 meters, was blasted with thrusters and pushed out with a stream of air, and the impacts were wiped off with a cloth the size of a bedclothes. Within twenty minutes they had the place ready.

However, the rain started again, which finally stopped at around 18:00, and it could start again. Pesto managed to leave the entire promised show and it was also dark, he took a breather after the Hoava event.