North Korea has developed a new type of rocket engine

IN DPRK developed a new type of solid propellant engine for medium-range ballistic missiles. About it writes South Korean agency Yonhap, citing state media Pyongyang.

Central Telegraph Agency Korea reported that engine tests for the first and second stages took place on Tuesday, November 7, and Saturday, November 11. As part of the tests, the technical characteristics of the products were assessed.

“The first ground rocket tests of the first and second stage engines were successful, the reliability and stability of the already proven design and production technologies of Korean-made high-thrust solid propellant engines were once again clearly confirmed,” the statement said.

The agency also added that the tests will speed up the development of a new type of medium-range ballistic missile.

Ambassador in May Russia in Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora toldthat the DPRK has managed to develop almost a complete line of ballistic and cruise missiles.

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