North Korea announced plans to launch several more reconnaissance satellites

North Korea in the near future it plans to launch several more reconnaissance satellites. About it informs Pyongyang Central Telegraph Agency Korea (KCNA).

It is indicated that the launch of several additional reconnaissance satellites in the near future will improve the ability to receive intelligence data from areas adjacent to the DPRK.

As noted in the official statement, the launch of a reconnaissance satellite is a legal right Pyongyang to strengthen self-defense.

Previously DPRK warned Japan that it plans to launch a military reconnaissance satellite between November 22 and 30. The Japanese Ministry of Defense clarified that the country’s military remains ready to destroy any aircraft that may fall within the territory of the state.

Besides, United States convicted missile launch by North Korea. Washington considers such actions to be contrary to resolutions UN Security Council and increasing tension in the region.

The White House called on the international community to condemn the missile launch, and the DPRK to stop “provocative actions” and sit down at the negotiating table.

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