The actress boasts a beautiful toned figure, which she skillfully emphasizes with spectacular outfits. She recently revealed the secret of her slimness.

During her recital, the actress admitted that until the age of 45 she did not follow any diets. After that, she chose the best option for herself – an interval diet and was very pleased with the choice. Once Babkina asked Nonna how she manages to keep her figure in good shape. The artist explained her principle of nutrition according to the formula 8 for 16 hours.

“If, for example, you have dinner at seven o’clock, then the next meal is after 16 hours,” Grishaeva noted.

Nadezhda Georgievna was surprised at the simplicity of the diet, but she also decided to try it. As a result, she managed to lose 22 kilograms.

Earlier, Babkina spoke about the beauty procedures that she likes. So, the artist likes to attend sessions of hard corrective massages, and she built an infrared bath at home.