After its return to the smartphone market, Nokia is generally one of the most affordable smartphones and G11 and G21 models in its portfolio. Although they are modern smartphones, they have features such as a USB-C connector, a refresh rate of the display or a large battery with a relatively low charge. We will also find some steps. They are not completely unpleasant, but they both freeze.

It is important that the equipment of both models is essentially the same for small details. But the difference in prices is actually quite known: while the Nokia G11 costs about 3,500 crowns, the G21 type costs 4,500 crowns. And that’s a pretty hefty surcharge.

Do they agree and are they different?

The equipment base of both models is really the same. Both have a 6.5 “IPS display with a resolution of 720 1,600 pixels and called a refresh rate (90 Hz), powered by a Unisoc T606 processor, they have Android 11 and have a battery with a capacity of 5,050 mAh and 18W charged. According to plastic, or a hybrid Dual-SIM slot, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack (and the ability to listen to FM radio).

Pros and cons

To buy:

  • Reasonable price (G11)
  • Elegant look
  • USB-C, 3.5mm jack

For not buying:

  • Poor display in the sun
  • It’s not
  • Obecn sp podprmrn fok

When? For sale

For how much? 3,500 K (G11), 4,500 K (G21)

There are only two differences in memory: memory capacity and focus. Nokia G11 has 32 GB of user memory and 3 GB of RAM, G21 has 64 GB of user memory and 4 GB of RAM. The camera is then tinctimegapixels for the G11, while the G21 m has a resolution of 50 megapixels. You selfie (8 megapixels) and macro and bokeh accessories (2 megapixels) are the same again. That’s it.

So does a cheaper model really make sense?

Due to small differences in equipment, definitely yes. It had a difference in RAM, most of which the user does not know, note that the Unisoc T606 is not a star processor and neither the Nokia G11 nor the G21 are smartphones. It can work smoothly, but stuck is not completely unusual, a little extra RAM in the G21 model does not bother anyone. Easily add a microSD card to your portion of user memory cheaper, buying it will probably be a must for the G11. After the fresh start, these phones have only about 20 GB of memory available to users, while the G21 type will offer 48 GB (but as we say, 16 GB will disappear while the G11 only 12, we don’t want that), it’s quite small. And then there’s the fok: simplistic one, 50 megapixels in the G21 doesn’t do much.

As? How do phones take pictures?

The reason will probably be the processor. In order for the phone to handle a 50-megapixel ip (with quite solid sf / 1.8 optics), it creates a nice twelve-megapixel image (4,080 3,060 pixels), so it needs some inclusive power. And that’s not enough. When the launcher and test phone were first shot, the Nokia G11 even took pictures of the G21, and only after the software update did the situation settle, not turn around. The tin-megapixel image of the cheaper model does the same work, so the processor will not be able to take photos in this case, and the result is images with a resolution of 4,160 3,120 pixels.

Photos taken with a Nokia G11 smartphone

Fok G11 is a feeling of little readiness and especially two certain results. G11 faster, the bag tends to scen a little warm. On the other hand, the G21 sometimes fails to fully reflect and contrast the images from the phones to look bold, which is the obvious range of combining multiple pixels into one. The main image of the G11 model is a bit irright, it also fits a bit more in the photo, which is so plus due to the absence of a wide focus. The G21’s double-digit digital zoom is a little more detailed, but images at both times may be unexpectedly underexposed.

Photos taken with a Nokia G21 smartphone

To make it clear, even the focus of the G11 model is not a bottom star, towards the edges of the images there is a slight blurring and overall we consider the quality of the sp as acceptable and not at all attractive. But compared to G21, which is obviously out of this pair, the results are better. This is basically true even in the standard mode that both cheap phones have. The difference between nonm and bnm frames is minimal. Technically, the G21’s photo card is really a little better, but the jump is so small that it’s not worth it at all, not for the thousand crowns surcharge. Quality fok is not the advantage of either model, so to spend more.

And what else, are they good smartphones?

The Nokia G11 in particular is competitive in its price category. G21 nm really does not make sense, the user here piplc za hor fok, that’s a pretty stupid surcharge. It is possible that Nokia software updates are a good thing, but on the other hand, we would not be able to do much. Support for updates, which is a traditional feature of Nokia smartphones, is there, but it is a test of how much the programmers’ features will work well. They will pay the necessary security fees.

By the way, both phones were introduced at a time when Android 12 was immediately available, although they still have Android 11. And the promise of updating the two-generation system is actually a bit shifting, because Nokia G11 and G21 will simply get Android 13 once. Yes, many cheap phones they don’t get a single system update, so they sell with the old version of Android, but even here it’s actually a bit of a false advertisement.

And we have one bird on the phone, this time from practical training. You can’t expect any peak image from a display with HD resolution, but it’s quite solid for a given category, and your refresh rate may help to improve the impression. But then there is the readability in the sun: in some situations on the display in the sun just do not see anything, the backlight is weak.

But otherwise the G11 and G21 models are fine. They have an elegant (by plastic) body, they fit in their hand quite a while and require some equipment details, such as a modified USB-C connector and a 3.5 mm jack. There is a battery with a capacity of 5,050 mAh, which relatively easily supplies the phone with power for two days. And which can be charged with an output of 18 W, which is quite solid again.

Mm do you have any of them?

Leave the Nokia G21 for sure, save your pension and if you like Nokia in this category, choose the cheaper type G11. In practice, it is actually better, you do not know the line. On the lowest price levels, the floor is full. Such a very similarly equipped Realme C21Y costs less than 3,000 crowns, which pays for the Vivo Y01 with a slightly more capable processor. The Realme C31 with a promising (but not much) Unisoc T612 processor costs about 3,300 crowns, a novelty on the Czech market, and the Tecno Spark 8T smartphone will also offer a Full HD display for 3,500 crowns. He gave me the choice of the Motorola E40, opt for about 3,500 crowns. Samsung should sell the Galaxy A03 for less than 4,000 crowns, here you pay for the sign.