Marie Rikov with her mother and cute daughter Lejla flew to Turkey again after a year, where she stayed in a luxurious hotel there. On vacation, she posted several photos on Instagram in which the wife of hockey coach Vladimr Rika is only in a swimsuit.

The hotel is great, luxury indeed. etzec Delphin has the best and most luxurious hotels in all of Turkey, she boasted to Expres Marie, who claimed that for the fifth year even Vladimr had taken her on vacation.

He didn’t mind it too much, besides, the season has started and he already has thorns. Five years later, we looked together to see where we would like to go, and he promised that he would go, said Rikov with a smile, who spent half an hour at the pool.

But Maria was very saddened when, after the publication of the first link, a lot of internet rants came out again, criticizing her unnatural appearance on social media. Rikov makes no secret of the fact that he doesn’t want to be born, and he doesn’t like that the public isn’t used to it.

Yes, she’s black, she’s artificial, she’s a bitch, she’s down on her feet, she’s dirty, she’s a mushroom like a cat. It’s a saint’s day. No one cares how the hunter is inside, what your character is like, what your brain contains, wrote Rikov on Instagram.

No, he can simply judge by appearance, he can urit, inflate and ponies. Everyone has a certain look, everyone has something else and everyone is beautiful in their own way, but that doesn’t tell you how to put them in. The most important thing is to be healthy, personal, to be loving and to love, added Marie, who then heard from her followers for a moment.

You are a beautiful woman and also kind, I am very happy to follow you, one of their supporters told Rikov.You’re a coke and they just see you asked a fan.