Picture by Toyen with the name Vidm, em bl strnneta verelena
| photo: TK

At the Sunday auction of the Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery auction in the new Expo 58 ART exhibition space in Prague’s Letn, new world and author records were set. One of the highlights of the auction was the valuable Toyen oil, which made the page turn green.

The name of the painting was used on the part of this very surrealistic painting. This Toyen mine was sold for 28,500,000 K, which from the picture and the world auction record of the first-selling Toyen from the 50s and the most-sold Toyen of the same time to the country R.

For the world auction record of 2,360,000 K were sold for Tahianka by Maxim Kopf and the oil Tvar by Ota Janek from 1962, which reached 1,880,000 K.

Netradin’s half of the auction was represented by a painting by Václav Havel Bl k in space. These memorabilia were sold for 3 025 000 K.