During the New Year celebrations, it is best to stick to the usual diet.

Photo: pixabay.com

Refusing food while waiting for an invitation to the New Year’s table is not recommended. The right strategy is to eat the way you eat on normal days. At the same time, during the feast, preference should be given to light dishes that will reduce the risk of overeating.

Before the New Year, do not give up habits and starve yourself, told Oksana Drapkina, chief freelance specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health for therapy and general medical practice. According to the expert, traditional salads do not have to be dressed with mayonnaise and heavily salted, and instead of the usual sauce, you can use olive oil, sour cream or low-fat yogurt. On the table there must be vegetable cutting, greens. When choosing a recipe for cooking meat, it is better to give preference to one that involves baking or stewing. Cake or sweets as a dessert can be replaced with fruits or berries. Sweets will be a great addition to your morning coffee or tea.

Oksana Drapkina also warned that eating food prepared on December 31 in the first days of the new year is fraught with poisoning. Seasoned salads that have stood in the warmth of the night quickly deteriorate, they form a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. The problem of extra pounds can be easily solved with a walk after a feast, dancing or outdoor games.

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