The mayor wanted the duplex to once again become the center of city life, explains Josef Vn from the shape of the concept and development of the city of Pilsen (KR). He claims that the architects, when preparing the design of the walls, used old studies of the Soukup, Vehla, Opl studio from 2011.

At that time, they mainly explored the possibility that the water surface would move, which was there in the past and was used, for example, for harnessing horses or for the needs of the fire brigade, said Josef Vn. As a result of the Star Pes Ten study, water and sewer lines were built in the area.

According to the architect, the essential requirement for the new study was to create a water element and prepare the conditions for the place to be used for unusual social events, but also for people to have a reason and desire to come there at other times.

That’s why we designed a water element where children can play, and the space should not be used for other activities, l Vn. That is why the design included more trees, high-quality furniture and enough elements useful for sitting. Sweat with the new parking regime.

Let’s assume that there will be about 25 new trees, they will be planted in tree rows and their composition will be strengthened by a longitudinal axis directed to the chemical soil, describes Vn.

Full pot with the use of rainwater for healthy greenery, for example, a lawn under the trees. The architect says that trees are the most important thing for a public space to function and be pleasant for people.

The new study assumes that the best possible conditions will be created underground for them to prosper over time and in the long term. Trees are completely cut down for public spaces in cities only because they provide a wall and air condition the surroundings, k.

Trees are prohibited for public areas

In Plzesk Street, which leads to Zmeck Square, there is a speed limit of 30 km/h, which should create better conditions for the movement of pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Men Kimick has to wait until the right to get new trees to this place and to create better conditions for the day, for example, ceremonial events at the memorial in honor of the lifts. The mayor of the municipal district of Plze-Kimice, Vt Moj, warns that the surface of the Zmecki square may change around the Pieta area, where there is now a grassy road and an attic road.

Take into account that there will be a stone pit and there will be, for example, markets or the lighting of an outdoor tree. There will be a water element in the middle of the whole square, which will be designed so as not to disturb the view of the estate, the mayor describes. According to him, the changes to the Kimic center would take place gradually in several stages.

A lower level of parking spaces is being planned here. Then it will be decided which stage should go to the ada, l.

The mayor said that the real centers will cost tens of millions of crowns, so the city would contribute financially, because it increases the possibilities of the city district.

Vt Moj v, e with the changes, the center of Kimic can be revitalized. We want revenge to become a medium that attracts people. We would also like to support businesses that could be established there, so that it works there, he stated.