When Josef Zma, the king of brass bands, celebrated, there is no shortage of entertainment and no tears to come. And in the end, there were 90 of them for the 90th birthday celebrations! His friends were surprised by his comrades in the group with Petr Kostka (83) and Yvetta Simonov√° (93) so much that he did not manage to take his handkerchief out of his pocket.

Favorite hero of Czech fairy tales and brass band Josef Zma He celebrated his nineteenth birthday, definitely in style, with a toilet and a show for his radio, where his biggest friends arrived. Petr Kostka and Frantiek Nmec (78) Yvetta SimonovNaa Konvalinkov (71) and Pavlna Filipovsk (80).

And when the singers started asking for their birthday, Pepek didn’t hit himself, he cried with emotion and it brought tears to the rest of the congratulations. Even though he doesn’t walk too hard with brass bands and he exchanges crutches for a cart, he is still full of life and rejoices in every moment, he will only bring him joy, which was also seen at the festive event prepared by the moderator. But Cibulka(45).

The celebration was great

He and Petr Kostka had a great time.

Yetta Simonov, the best friend, could not be missed either. Pepka moved to tears.

I lived with my daughter and son-in-law. Go to me one gentleman help me, it is at such an old gentleman from the entrance Slovakia, who built a mason barge, in which I live. We’ve known each other for a long time and we’ll probably make it to the end, Zma smiled recently in an interview with Express.

And as you can see, take care of her time. Even a dog of his own age, with no heel feet, would probably dance and in the morning, he had a beer and drove off as in his young years.