Learn it from the draft of the proposal that the ad sent to the library. When the amount of nicotine in one serving of nicotine gum was set at ten milligrams, the ministry sent the opinion of anti-drug coordinator Jindich Voboil. However, at the same time, there must be a maximum of 200 milligrams of nicotine in one package, and the package must also contain a minimum of 20 servings.

Clem is to prevent the sale of test packages and packages that, due to the small number of portions, would be better financially accessible to low-income groups, including children and young people, the ministry explains.

According to the law, Sky will have to be secured against manipulation by children, the packaging must not resemble food, cosmetic products or toys by shape, color, drawing or description.

Thus, according to the design, the product must not contain any elements that, intentionally or unintentionally, have not reached the age of majority. In connection with flavors and aromas, I must not evoke confectionery and sugar products. Elements related to the taste of the product can only be shown on the product in the form of text, as indicated.

It will be necessary to state a health warning on the packaging in the form This product contains nicotine and is highly addictive, which I cannot comment on or paraphrase the manufacturer in any way. Therefore, the product must not contain, for example, vitamins, ingredients that create the impression that it is a healthy product, substances with the exception of nicotine, caffeine, taurine and other stimulating ingredients and ingredients that color saliva, stand in the draft.

Nicotine sky

Nicotine is one of the most common addictive substances. Nicotine smoke is treated similarly to an uren pill for eagle use. Apply until st, but do not bite or swallow. The user places the stick between the mouth and the nose or the tongue and the nose and let it work for between five minutes and four hours, the nicotine being absorbed through the blood-filled mucous membrane.

Nicotine addiction is not a healthy behavior and nicotine addiction is a disease, explains the regulation etc. when he was processing the hunger strike, he was struck by the amendment to the food law.

Recently, several parliamentary proposals that have been discussed by the government have dealt with nicotine addiction. The cabinet took a neutral position in its response to the amendment, the purpose of which is to prohibit sales to people under 18 years of age. In opposition, the cabinet opposed the amendment by ANO MPs who wanted to limit the advertising and promotion of nicotine patches.

The government of Petr Fiala (ODS) also took a negative stance on the right to ban the use of nicotine patches in freely accessible indoor public spaces. The Ministry of Health did not recommend the prescription, among other things, because of the absurd control process, where in some cases it is necessary to force the controlled person to open the door. The cabinet also explained its disagreement by saying that the purpose of banning cigarettes in public spaces is primarily to protect people from the consequences of passive smoking, which in the case of nicotine cigarettes is waste.