Leaking covers for iPhone 14 series
| photo: Ice Universe

Apple usually introduces new models in September and starts selling them immediately with a slight delay. There is still plenty of time until the premiere, yet there is information after another about the new iPhone 14. For example, some of them will be more expensive and that Apple will revise prices in markets outside the US according to the current dollar exchange rate. It strengthens, which could mean a widespread increase in tens of euros in Europe.

However, model snacks of the whole range may be more important for customers. Apple currently has four 13 iPhones: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In the next generation, there will be four models again, but the smallest mini will fall out. In the long run, there is the least interest in and its exclusion from the offer has already been speculated with the current generation.

Two sizes and two trim levels

The basic model iPhone 14 will remain in the new generation, and instead of the mini, the enlarged model iPhone 14 Max will be added. It’s quite logical, customers want large displays and even the basic model will remain compact enough to suit some customers.

The two basic models will be complemented by two premium ones called Pro and Pro Max, which are traditionally sold best, although they are the most expensive. They will differ primarily in size, the Max version will be larger. The differences will probably be in the equipment, but both will be better than the basic model and the iPhone 14 Max.

For cheaper cutouts, for more expensive shots

From a photo of the cover glass of all four models, published by a friend Ice Universe Escape, it is clear that the base iPhone 14 and the cheaper Pro variant will be the same size. The 14 Max and 14 Pro Max models will be the same size. Simply put, customers will be able to choose from two sizes and two trim levels.

If the image of the cover glass is realistic, which is not confirmed, then both equipment levels will also differ in the cutout in the display. The cheaper pair of 14 and 14 Max will stay with the current viewport, although it should be slightly smaller. In contrast, the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models will receive two shots. One is elongated, the other is circular, and together they form the lowercase letter i.