In Chelyabinsk, employees and parents of pupils of Lyceum No. 142 told the details of the mass poisoning of students. This is reported by the public ” Emergency News Agency Chelyabinsk “.

Recall that the incident occurred on February 17 this year. About a hundred schoolchildren received food poisoning and needed medical attention. After the incident, the UK opened a criminal case, and the Ministry of Health began checking in the dining room of the lyceum.

According to the father of one of the students, some of the children ran out of the restroom right during the lesson.

“Some children ran out of the office and did not have time to run to the toilet. There were also children with vomiting, ”said the Russian.

The director of the institution said that the deterioration in the health of schoolchildren began in the morning. Soon, the school staff began to send some of the students home, while others called an ambulance.

Earlier it became known that more than 50 people were poisoned by ready-made food kits in Rostov-on-Don.