South Korean female idol quintet NewJeans is now the most popular K-pop group on the Melon charts, ranking in the top 3 on the monthly chart, the third group in the platform’s history to do so.

Melon, one of the leading music sites and one of the largest in Korea, recently released its January 2023 monthly list, where NewJeans can be seen occupying the top 3 places in the top 100, with their debut single “Hype”. Boy” taking the #3 spot, “OMG” debuting at #2 and with their most recent pre-release track “Ditto” taking the top spot on the top.

Melon’s monthly chart is based on views (40%) and downloads (60%), which means that an artist must manage constant popularity on the platform to enter the Top 100 of these charts. further reflecting the success that NewJeans has achieved, reaching this great achievement.

Before NewJeans, only two artists have achieved this feat in Melon’s history, Mc Mong, in November 2014, with his album «MISS ME OR DISS ME» and Busker Busker, in April 2012, with his album «Busker Busker 1st Album». Just 6 months after their music debut, NewJeans reached the top of the Melon charts, making them the most popular group at the moment.