NewJeans has become the breakout group of the year in the South Korean music industry, and it seems that they are aiming to be the breakout group of the year… in the music industry all over the world.

The 5 girl group debuted just 5 months ago on July 22, 2022 with instant success. “Attention”, their first single whose video was released without prior notice and the song caught the public’s attention with urban rhythms mixed with pop, giving song vibes R&B from 2007, a vibe that had yet to be explored in the Kpop industry.

His career started with a bang, achieving impressive sales and digital listens from the very first song, unlike other big names in the industry like bts either BLACKPINK, which were successful on their debut, but grew in popularity over time.

After an impressive success with his first two songs, Attention Y “Hypeboy” NewJeans is putting up even bigger numbers with their third single, “Ditto”, with which he has managed to enter the Top 10 of the most listened to and sold songs in the world for the first time, and the top 10 of the most listened to and sold songs in the world without counting the USA. This list is made by the prestigious music magazine Billboard.

Other new groups that have achieved similar numbers are girl groups IVE with his second single “LOVE DIVE” Y LE SSERAPHIM, with their first two singles, “ANTIFRAGILE” Y “FEARLESS”.