The NewJeans, the new Kpop girl group founded by HYBE, is achieving great success on streaming platforms worldwide. Its success has allowed it to become the most broadcasted Kpop group in a short time. Spotify of South Korea. However, a dispute has been generated in networks, where fans of bts they have been upset by a comparison they have made with the group.

The success that NewJeans has achieved since they debited in July of last year is truly impressive. The new girlgroup is showing that their style will be the new trend and they have already broken up numerous records without yet having a debut album in his career.

However, recently some controversy was generated with fans of BTS and BLACKPINK, since it was reported that the group achieved numbers in a short time that the two groups mentioned took years.

According to the alleged statement from the HYBE agency, the NewJeans have managed to achieve in a short time what took Bangtan almost a decade. “What BTS achieved in 10 years, New Jeans achieved it in 6 months,” the statement read. social networks.

At this, the ARMY, the official fans of BTS, were massively upset on the network. Several fans of the South Korean septet affirm that it is not necessary to compare the groups, much less with BTS, which has been in the music industry for ten years. kpop and they have worked very hard to achieve worldwide fame.

What is certain is that in the midst of all this controversy, NewJeans continues to win fans around the world and in a very short time. Their popularity is giving them a lot of attention and, above all, their recent songs have been very popular with the general public.

And you, what do you think of the rapid success that NewJeans has achieved?