This is Vladimir Putin’s longest New Year’s address.

Photo: pixabay

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s greetings to the citizens of Russia last ten minutes. By tradition, the head of state addresses the Russians before the chimes.

On the eve of 2023, President Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of the country with his longest New Year’s address, which lasts ten minutes. The people of Chukotka and Kamchatka were the first to celebrate the New Year in Russia.

The timing of the appeal is not the only feature of this year. The head of state sums up the outgoing year not against the backdrop of the Kremlin, but surrounded by servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Many of the military in the frame have state awards. Vladimir Putin called 2022 the year of difficult but necessary decisions, the year of the most important steps towards gaining the full sovereignty of Russia. In addition, the outgoing year has become a year of powerful consolidation of society, the President noted.

The address of the head of state to the citizens of the country a few minutes before midnight is one of the main traditions of celebrating the New Year. Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” wrote about other traditions of the holiday, among which are a trip to the bathhouse and Olivier salad.