He prince william and his wife, Kate Middletonwho will be the future kings of England, have recently been seen together at the BAFTAs, but there are details that did not go unnoticed by viewers, and these details have opened the door to a supposed marital crisis for the royal couple.

At the British Academy Film Awards, the prince william would have looked for a shoulder to cry on after an emotional tribute in honor of the deceased Queen isabel II from England, but unfortunately it was not the one from Kate Middleton.

It has been commented in the media and on social networks that the prince would have sought help in Rose Hanbury, his supposed lover, for this reason this has once again sounded a possible infidelity among the members of the British monarchy. Assumptions that the relationship between the prince william and Rose are not only friendship, they are getting older, since both have been caught in very compromising moments.

The dinner on February 14 was the height of the situation. British media claimed to have captured images of a romantic and intimate dinner between the prince william and Rose Hanburywhere the future king of England gave him an expensive pearl necklace, for this reason all this has reinforced the rumor of the alleged infidelity of the prince of Wales.

The royal couple has not yet made any statement in this regard, but the assumptions and rumors continue to grow and even more so when it was revealed that the King Charles III he would have ordered all news of a possible infidelity from the British media to be removed.