In the last few hours, two new photographs of the face of Indigo, the little baby of singers and songwriters Camilo and Eva Luna, who have tried to keep their daughter’s photos very limited, even prohibiting the public from seeing the baby’s face.

Despite the limitations that Camilo and Evaluna have placed in order not to divulge the face of their baby Indigo, the paparazzi and fans They have managed to capture the face of the little nine-month-old baby.

And now, the paparazzi have managed to capture Evaluna montaner inside a truck, while he was trying to load his daughter, who can be seen to be large despite her young age.

in both Photographs taken, you can see the rear face of the gender-neutral baby, who in recent weeks caused a huge sensation on social networks because of the way her two famous parents would be raising her.

Let’s remember that both Camilo as Eva Luna They have repeated on several occasions that they will let Indigo grow and make the decision about whether they want to be exposed to the media or not. In the meantime, they will do everything possible to protect your identity from the media.

But as we all know, the attempts of both singers have not worked at all, since we have managed to see the face of the little girl Indigo, who undoubtedly bears an enormous resemblance to Evaluna.

And you, what do you think about the new photo of Indigo’s face?