The secrecy and suspense to know in depth the physique of Indigo, the non-binary baby of Camilo Y Eva Luna, It is undoubtedly one of the most popular topics on social networks. And despite the fact that just a few days ago it was possible to obtain a photo of the baby’s face, Internet users want to continue to know her even in the smallest details.

In the last few hours, some new hidden photographs have been leaked showing Indigo, the daughter of Camilo and Evaluna whose name is intended not to identify her with any gender until she is older and can make the decision for herself.

The fans of the singers are still quite interested in learning more about the baby, despite the fact that they have already stated in several interviews that they do not want to show their daughter’s face until she can speak and think, and with that decide if she wants to be exposed. or not in the social networks.

In a recent interview on the Mexican program ‘Come joy, Camilo He referred to the decision not to expose his little Indigo and was clear and concise in the position that he and his wife Eva Luna have:

“Indigo He hasn’t told us anything yet, so we’re waiting for when he feels like it. Until now we are respecting her autonomy, who doesn’t want to go out so much to be seen. We are respecting her place », Camilo affirmed.

And you, do you agree with the position that Camilo Y Eva Luna have taken respect for not wanting to show the face of their Indigo?