The new images that have come to light Jin of bts in it military service, They have caused a sensation all over the world. ARMY. And it is that it has been possible to see the artist in full artillery practice, where he has already learned to use weapons and throw grenades.

Jin’s enlistment in the military has saddened the ARMY a lot, as it kicks off the rest of the BTS members to start planning their eventual entry.

Despite this, the fans try to support them in the best possible way, and although they know that there are few photos that come from the idol from the army, they value them for the effort it takes to find out about the news Worldwide Handsome.

On this occasion, two photos have been leaked where Jin can be seen handling a weapon and throwing grenades, as part of his direct training so that he can become an active soldier in the army of South Korea.

It’s all a long way down the road Jin You will have to travel, where you will learn many more things that will allow you to successfully fulfill your military service and in this way fulfill your nation as each of the members of BTS.