He prince william He is once again in the eye of the hurricane, and it is that from the moment his wife declared that he was no longer detail-oriented with her at all, the media began to rumor that the future king he was dating his former lover again. But now, a new and clearer photo has been released that would confirm that if she was unfaithful to Kate Middleton.

Since Kate Middleton confessed in a flower shop that Prince William was no longer careful with her and that he did not expect any gift for the day of Valentine’s Day, the media and social networks began to disclose a possible marital crisis between the couple.

The Wale’s princess It has already been in this field, since in the year 2019 the rumor spread and with evidence that Prince William was dating one of his friends, who turned out to be the noblewoman Rose Hanbury.

But today, a new and clearer photograph has been published of the moment where William and Rose. The scandal caused Kate to break all ties with the noblewoman, to the point that they were never seen together anywhere again.

Meanwhile, the prince william He had to see how his reputation was put aside by the huge scandal that his alleged infidelity generated. His image was always considered that of a “correct and exemplary” gentleman, but over time, that image has also collapsed.

And you, what do you think is the reaction of Kate Middleton before these new rumors that affect the image of your husband?