The Prime Minister of Dagestan, Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov, got acquainted with the implementation of the investment project being implemented near the Sulak Canyon, the press service of the Government of the Republic reports.

The Glavryba ecotourism complex, located next to the Sulak Canyon, has expanded the number of new tourist locations. A pier, a small zoo, a playground, a children’s water park, a zipline, as well as a 43-meter-high Ferris wheel, built, among other things, with the involvement of Dagagroleasing, appeared in this place. On the “ferris wheel” tourists can see the delta of the Sulak River spilled in the valley, the dam of the Miatlinskaya hydroelectric power station, and a mountain gorge.

A new project will be the Cave (“Nokyo”), whose history affects the last century, for example, during the construction of the arch dam of the Miatlinskaya hydroelectric power station in the 70-80s, geological exploration was carried out on the opposite bank. After the commissioning of the hydroelectric power station in 1986, there were adits punched into the rocks. 35 years later, guides discovered these man-made caves during an expedition. The investor attracted experienced mining engineers, who significantly expanded the passages in the adits and connected them to each other with a unique suspension, cable bridge.

The Noko complex consists of three caves (one on the left bank and two on the right). The total length of the labyrinths is several hundred meters. The caves are connected by a suspension bridge located at a height of 60 meters from the water surface of the Sulak River. There are viewing platforms on both sides of the bridge.