The tension between Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues to rise due to a somewhat curious agreement that the Colombian singer has made with her ex-partner about their children and that involves the ex-soccer player’s new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Shakira plans to move to Miami with his children Milan and Sashawhile Piqué concentrates on the King Leaguewhich is a new project in collaboration with streamer Ibai and since they are both very busy, it is sometimes difficult for them to pick up their children from school.

It is known that Shakira is in charge of taking her children to and from school, but when she is busy, she asks her brother Tonino for a favor, but when her brother cannot, Shakira He asks Piqué to pick up the children, which has caused the two to reach a strange and controversial agreement.

According to close sources, Shakira has agreed with Piqué that when he picks up the children at school, he cannot be accompanied by his girlfriend. Clara Chia Marti. Apparently, Shakira does not want the 23-year-old to have contact with her children.

This agreement has caused surprise and confusion, especially since rumors of the couple’s separation have been constant in recent months. The situation has generated controversy among the couple’s followers, with many wondering how this agreement will affect their relationship in the future.