the american company Netflix It is in charge of offering an entertainment service to all users, considered globally as one of the best. As time goes by, Netflix has released numerous movies and series that have been liked by many people. Likewise, this company has become so famous that today they can afford to launch their own premieres, being themselves the main producer.

The movie platform increased its popularity due to the years of confinement due to the pandemic due to the Covid-19so the company has tried to add additional value to its work to offer a better product to its users, launching what has been named one of the most famous and disturbing movies on the platform.

It’s about the movie”the call“, which premiered on November 27, 2020. From that moment to the present, Netflix fans have admitted that the film is excellent in its plot, but that it generates a lot of fear, qualifying it as a movie “disturbing” and also “mental insanity”. Some users on social networks have commented having a bad time at night after watching this movie.

«#TheCall is a good scary movie, incredibly crazy«, «The Call is crazy as hell. I may have to rewatch that bc wtf«, «Okay this movie was scary and now I’m going to have nightmares because of it… #TheCall«, «I wouldn’t hesitate if I had nightmares tonight watching The Call«, have been the comments of some users.

The famous film has captivated everyone until 2023, since the plot and the performances of its actors are unique and some classify it with a ten out of ten.