Netizens talked about “red flags” when choosing a hotel

Frequently traveling netizens spoke about “red flags” when choosing a hotel on a trip. They shared their opinion under the corresponding publication on the forum Reddit.

So, first of all, users recommended paying attention to dark brown spots on the surface of the mattress and in its seams. Their presence will indicate a bed bug infestation. In addition, you should evaluate the smell in the hotel room: if air freshener has been sprayed repeatedly in the room, then the management is probably trying to mask the unpleasant aroma.

One of the users advised to pay attention to the age of employees. “It happens that there is not a single employee over 20-23 years old. In my experience, hotel managers deliberately hire cheap employees who do not yet know their responsibilities and rights. In such cases, there is no service at all,” the traveler warned.

When choosing a hotel, a warning sign may be the absence of interior photos on the website or in the navigator. “And sometimes they have nine normal photos, and then you see the tenth one from the room where it looks like they will keep you until they sell you,” joked user @ValBravora048.

Previously Chief Customer Officer at review platform Feefo, Kim Burgess named a way to distinguish fake hotel reviews on the Internet from genuine ones.

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