Netizens shared their experiences of sex without love and attraction

People in whose lives there was sex without falling in love or even strong attraction spoke about their experiences. Stories about this from netizens shared in the AskReddit section of the Reddit forum.

One of the women recalled how she met a young man online who she did not like at all in appearance, but had a very pleasant character, which is why she decided to continue communicating with him.

We ended up having sex and it was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. He tried to please me, wanted a relationship, but emphasized that if I didn’t want one, it was okay, he just liked being around me. He followed me on business trips to different countries just to spend the night with me, then flew off to work on Monday after a sleepless night. Eight years have passed, we are married, and now I really like him. The attraction grew over time. And time with him changed my taste in men


Reddit user

In the comments, one of the users admitted that at the age of 20 he slept with his cousin’s 30-year-old boss at the latter’s request. He didn’t like the boss at all.

But my sister said that then she would be promoted. Everything for the family, right? I was pretty horny, so it was easy. We slept for about six months until I met another girl. It all ended badly, my sister was fired


Reddit user

Another woman said that she slept with her friend out of sympathy and sympathy for him.

A friend was going through a difficult period. He wasn’t unattractive, he was just a friend, I wasn’t attracted to him. I tried to help him in every way, but he got worse month after month. He said he misses being touched. My friend didn’t ask for them, but I suggested them and it all happened. It wasn’t bad. Then he admitted that I helped him regain his self-confidence and pull himself together. We’re still friends


Reddit user

Previously, men who resorted to the services of sex workers and were dissatisfied shared with your experience. One of the users admitted that he turned to prostitutes only once in his life – and immediately it was extremely unsuccessful: he ended up in a police “set-up”.

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