In the song “I Heard You’re Married“, Which is part of the most recent album by The WeekndDawn FM“, In which he sings about having an” affair “with a married woman. Rumors indicate that it is Ariana Grande, You want to know why?

It hurts to think I’m sharin ‘you“, He sings in the first verse.

To analyze who the song is about, you could think of The Weeknd’s two highest-profile exes, Bella Hadid Y Selena Gomez, but they are not married. That opens the door to some speculation about other women Weeknd might have been involved with… including Grande.

It is said that the following line “You manifested this, but girl, I blame myself“Could be a reference to Grande’s position song”like magic“, Which also reproduces the demonstration saying”good karma“.

Some fans also say that the line “too good to be true“In the chorus could be taken from a favorite saying of Ari, which appears in songs like”positions“,”You are too good to be true” Y “someone like u“,”Baby this time, please don’t be too good to be true”.

This is where things get tricky. Some fans have latched onto other “Dawn FM” lyrics like references a Large, but not everyone reviews them. On the first proper song on the album, “Gasoline“For example, The Weeknd sings:”I’m falling asleep with REM / I’m trying not to lose faith“. And Grande has a song and a beauty line called “rem”.

Elsewhere, in the song “Here We Go… AgainThe Weeknd addresses an ex who is with a new and less famous man. “Your girlfriend’s tryna pair you with somebody more famous / But instead you ended up with someone so basic, faceless“, sings. She is related to Grande because she is married to Dalton gomez, a not famous real estate agent, and work.

What seems even stranger is that the pop star did not I congratulate to his supposed friend for the launch of his new album on social networks. But contrary to some recent reports, Grande did not unfollow him on Instagram.