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Netflix joins Game of Thrones and Marvel to create new science fiction series

The famous American streaming platform Netflix has merged the HBO series Game of Thrones with the production company Marvel Superheroes. It is about creating his new and ambitious science fiction series, which promises a plot and story that will captivate millions of fans worldwide.

With a multi-billion dollar budget of more than $200 million, Netflix has now unveiled its most expensive series ever made, ‘The Three-Body Problem’, a story that promises an epic sci-fi plot never seen before in a series.

This production is inspired by a successful literary trilogy written by the Chinese author Cixin Liu, published in 2008 under the same name. The story takes us to the late 1960s in China, a time marked by violence and uncertainty.

In the midst of this scenario, a group of scientists and the military have the task of establishing a project to have contact with extraterrestrial beings, unleashing a series of catastrophic events.

Fifty years after that plan, an alien civilization plans to invade planet Earth, which could change the fate of humanity forever.

This product has been considered a merger between the renowned Game of Thrones series and the Marvel production company.

In the first place, because the creators of ‘The Problem of the three bodies’ have the same creators of Game of Thrones, and secondly, it is because of the science fiction theme that this ambitious series will have.

The trailer for ‘The Three-Body Problem’ has already been released, and its official broadcast date on Netflix is expected to be revealed shortly. Will it be similar to Game of Thrones or some Marvel movie?

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