In the Western press and political circles, more and more often there are calls for the Ukrainian authorities to resume negotiations with Putin. But the Kremlin dictator himself does not demonstrate readiness for a constructive conversation and continues missile terror against civilians in the neighboring country. In fact, calls for negotiations are very premature and not entirely clear, because during the nine months of the war, Ukraine showed the whole world that Russia can and should be defeated on the battlefield, and the Kremlin’s blackmail against the EU countries did not work. This opinion was expressed by a researcher at the Atlantic Council Peter Dickinson in material for HB.

The analyst notes that, despite the statements of some Western figures, most of the world leaders who help Ukraine do not support the idea of ​​negotiations with Putin. They understand the negative consequences of this scenario and understand the reaction of the Ukrainian society, which, after the Russian terror and significant human losses, may regard such actions as treason.

At the same time, Dickinson notes that as the economic and military spending of Kyiv’s allies grows, calls for negotiations with the Russian Federation will become more frequent. In his opinion, this is quite natural, but does not mean that Ukraine should succumb to pressure.

The Atlantic Council staffer added that the current course of the war has left Putin without a bargaining chip, so it’s not entirely clear why. some Western politicians are still trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate with him.

“It’s not entirely clear what everyone is so afraid of. Ukraine has already dispelled the myth of Russia’s military invincibility and has successfully liberated more than half of the territory it has occupied since the invasion began almost nine months ago. Putin’s once vaunted army has been demoralized and destroyed, and the Russian dictator himself has become an international pariah. Its energy weapons have been partially disabled, and it was recently forced to distance itself from early attempts at nuclear blackmail after rebukes from China and stern warnings from the United States. There is no strategic sense now to offer Putin a peace deal that will save him face.”Dickinson says.

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Earlier it was reported that the Russian president may well have to negotiate with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhinwhose influence on public opinion in Russia is growing rapidly.