Nebenzya compared Zelensky to the Roman emperors Nero and Deocletian

Permanent Representative Russia at UN Vasily Nebenzya compared Vladimir Zelensky with the Roman emperors, famous for persecuting Christians. His words lead RIA News.

The diplomat recalled that during the election program the politician promised to bring peace to Donbass, but allowed a new stage of escalation, which resulted in the current conflict.

In addition, Zelensky is trying to suppress the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Nebenzya added. “Now, it seems, he is planning to equal the ill fame of the famous Roman persecutors of Christians: the emperors Claudius, Nero, Trajan and Diocletian,” the permanent representative said.

Previously diplomat called prevent Vladimir Zelensky from sacrificing the Ukrainian people. According to him, the Kiev regime can sacrifice the entire population for the sake of plans USA to weaken Russia.

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